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Instructional Modality Certification is a Course

Instructional Modality Certification

Started Jun 1, 2020


Full course description

Important Update: All adjunct and full-time faculty are required to complete this instructional modality certification, which involves all 7 modules. This self-paced certification course will equip faculty with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively teach remote classes.

Audience: Faculty seeking to get certified to teach a blended, distance learning, and/or online course at APU.

Purpose: Our accreditation stipulates that all faculty must undergo proper training prior to teaching their first blended, distance learning, or online course at APU. To that end, this certification course offers three different modality certifications: Online, Blended, and Distance Learning.

Description: This self-paced certification course orients faculty to APU's philosophy and approach to online, blended, and distance learning pedagogy. Specifically, this course offers technical training on the effective use of Canvas and pedagogical training on integrating the Christian faith and fostering inclusive learning.

Course Modules (estimated time on task): After completing Canvas Essentials 1-3 and Core Concepts (modules #1-4), the modality modules (#5-7) will be unlocked. 

  1. Canvas Essentials 1: Overview & Communication (15 minutes)
  2. Canvas Essentials 2: Course & Content (15 minutes)
  3. Canvas Essentials 3: Assessment & Grading (15 minutes)
  4. Core Concepts (15 minutes)
  5. Online Learning (20 minutes)
  6. Blended Learning (20 minutes)
  7. Distance Learning (20 minutes)

Assessment: Learners must pass a short assessment at the end of each module in order to advance to the next module. Learners with prior Canvas knowledge and instructional modality experience can "fast-track" through this course by clicking through the content of each module and passing a short assessment. A certificate will be issued after the completion of each of the modality module (total of 3 certificates).

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