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Bloodborne Pathogens (19/20) is a Course

Bloodborne Pathogens (19/20)

Started Aug 1, 2019


Full course description

At the beginning of the Fall* semester, all School of Nursing students and faculty review the policies and procedures for Bloodborne Pathogens at Azusa Pacific University through successful completion of this module and associated test.

*Those who join the Azusa Pacific University School of Nursing during the Spring or Summer semesters will complete the Bloodborne Pathogens and HIPAA requirements upon hire, then will join the Fall rotation in subsequent years.

Why is this a required training?

Cal/OSHA Required:

Cal/OSHA requires the employer to provide annual training to all employees who have potential exposure to any blood or body fluids, and other potentially infectious material (OPIM).

APU is considered the employer of nursing students, faculty and staff.

The Law:

CCR, Title 8, Section 5193

Select this link to learn more about the specific law: (Links to an external site.) 

This law outlines the necessary components to protect employees from exposure to BBP's.

Copies are available free of charge in:

  • The department Exposure Control Plan (ECP) notebook
  • The Health Center (available upon request)

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